About Hot House Plants

I’m Martin Cole. I own, write and edit Hothouseplants.com.

I’m an avid plant lover who loves to talk and write about plants.

I got into house plants when I moved into the first house of my own in South London in 2000.

I refurbished much of the house and painted all the walls white. In those days I was single and most of the rooms were lined with shelves housing my huge collections of books, CDs and vinyl records.

These added colour to the rooms, but something was missing. It was all too functional and sterile.

At around about the same time, I had started working on the garden, which I had previously ignored as I’d had no interest in gardening.

And suddenly, the whole world of plants opened up to me. It was as if I’d never seen plants before. I found a liked tropical style plants and as I was mesmerised by the different leaf arrangements, growth habits and sizes and shapes of all the plants I was planting.

And, of course, I realised I could bring these amazing plants inside to add the missing touch to the interior of the house.

Later I married my Australia wife and moved to Sydney Australia. There I studied Horticulture at the internationally renowned Ryde Technical and Further Education Centre. To be honest, I’m a bit of a learning obsessive, as well as a plant obsessive – I also have degrees in law, a post graduate qualification in legal practice at the bar and a MSc in coaching psychology – so I dive deep in to whatever I am interested in, including plants.

In Australia I found many of the plants we grow as indoor plants growing outside in parks and gardens of Sydney and in the wild in the tropical regions of Queensland and the Northern Territories.

We now live back in the UK, so I’ve retuned to growing the exotics indoor again, especially as we live in a cool corner of Southern Scotland.

I write about gardening generally on another website – GardeningStepbStep.com. But here, the focus is on bringing more than 20 years of international plant growing education and experience to the wonderful world of house plants.